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Dinner - 5:30pm to 11:00pm


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40 Boat Quay Singapore S049829

Open everyday 12:00 - 3:00 PM / 5:30 - 11:00 PM 

No Sincere Love than the Love of Food


In Italy the people add work and life on the Food and Wine, and with Vespetta our purpose its transporting here the same mentality of

Love for a good dining experience.

Vespetta is an Italian ristorante, our gastronomy focus on the respect for high quality ingredients, genuineness of the recipes and with passion we try to bring Italy to you with our food.

Ensuing the roots of South Italy, but with specialties of various regions.

We recommend you to try our signatures:

For seafood lover the unbeatable Lobster Taglioni Pasta, or Trofiette with Sea Food and Pesto are the must try in the house.

For some rocky Italian matter try our Calzone, a diverse way of having a Pizza, or if you are into meat, our southern Italian style mix grill it’s unforgettable.

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"Incredibly nice staff and manager Francesco. Amazing value for such an original italian food! I will be back sure here to try more of the menu!"

MatteFoc, Italy


reviewed on 20 february 2020

"Walking around Boat Quay we dropped in for a coffee then decided to stay for lunch. Everything was great, service, food, view over the river. Fried cuttlefish and a mixed grill were perfect. The steak in the grill was a perfect medium rare, tender and flavourful. The highlight was definitely the tiramisu we shared for dessert, home made, just like nonna’s! It was like an angel crying on your tongue :)"

Richard C, Sydney, Australia

reviewed on 25 January 2020

"Wide variety and fresh ingredients that made everything come together perfectly. The husband is a picky eater - especially having worked and lived in Italy for 5 years thus has expectations when it comes to Italian cuisine. This restaurant doesn't fail and we will definitely come back for more. We can't wait to try out the rest of the dishes soon!"


reviewed on 9 january 2020

The restaurant is by the river and it has lovely views and there was a gentle breeze in the evening. The staff were attentive and provided prompt service. Foodwise, I had the Calzone and recommended red wine. Calzone could be better as it tend to get slightly sloggy as I was eating it. The salami was kinda hard to break with my teeth (I struggled slightly while trying to be ladylike :)). It didn't spoil anything though and I had a lovely evening. It will be perfect if they can provide Happy Hours and the stay could be longer while enjoying a drink.

Chrisil, Singapore

reviewed on22 july 2019